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12th August 2010 - New release - Changes to hotel products and a few other tweaks

Good release this week with lots of new tweaks

Hotel products
* Display infant / child ages (for a property) in the online booking engine. Can be set by the property
* Able to configure "free infants" for hotel rooms - they count as children for occupancy rules but are priced free
* New hotel price rule - 1-2 adults per person then 3rd adult, 4th adult
* Show multiple durations on step 1 of the booking engine - i.e. show 2 night, 3 night, 4 night. Handy for some fixed duration type products where you want to show alternatives without the customer having to change duration to see something else exists
* Rates can have start / end day of the week rules (that work alongside the main hotel ones). Now easy to do weekend rates!
* Rates can be used to control room prices. Handy if you have a 20 pitch campsite and want to maintain availability for the 20 pitches individually but you only want to maintain a single price (rather than 20 prices). When no "rooms" remain on a date, the rates are then offsale.

Tour search API method
* Results order - now takes into account your unique visitors to book ratio when used over multiple accounts. Those with the best conversion will be listed first
* Results order - now takes into account the display order setting

i.e. the results order is now as follows:

Commercial priority order (highest commercial priority order first), unique visitors to book ratio (best performing first), display points (lowest numbers first), the product name

If you are just using the API within a single account then this will therefore order by commercial priority order then display points - i.e. you have full control of the order of the results. If you are using the API over multiple accounts (like a travel agent partner might) then they, pretty much, get the best performing products first but still with an element of control by the supplier.

Reports & Data extracts
* Export customer data - now has address broken down into several columns (easier to send to a brochure distributors)
* Export customer enquiry data - now has column headings on address breakdown (easier to send to brochure distributors)
* New options report - useful to see what options you have sold. Intended to be helpful operationally

* Entry level TourCMS account now called Budget Plus
* Moved some fields around in tour setup / content descriptions - making it easier to find the tour descriptions / image upload areas
* New per person price token - divides the total sale value by the number of people in the booking

Thats it! Here is what we have planned coming up in the rest of August


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