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12th January 2010 - New release - Many tweaks to hotel functionality, online booking

First big release of the year - focus has been on usability and introducing a few new price configuration capabilities

Configuration & Setup
* The MS-Word / RTF documenation setup (for creating custom documents such as invoices, pre-departure information packs etc) - has been moved to one place - in Configuration & Setup. Previously tour / option specific documentation setup could be found in the individual tour / option setup sections.
* Quantity pricing - for tour departures / freesale - you can now configure per person pricing without having to setup complex option price tables. Makes it easy to do 2 x 100 GBP, 3 x 90 GBP style pricing

Booking engine
* New CSS configuration box - so rather than having to put CSS in the HTML you can now put CSS in the style sheet in the booking engine header. Was fine before, but now its better :)
* Wide, panorama, image - if you are using the booking engine full screen (rather than in an iframe) you now have a choice where you put your header image. You can now configure a really nice panorama image (ideal for wide, outdoor, photos). Give that a go, some people may like it.
* AJAX API has been removed. No one was using it. We now suggest that if you really want to build your own booking engine in AJAX that you do your own development and send the booking through the new XML API, rather than using the AJAX API.

Booking & Customer management
* Made it easier to delete a customer record (in that you don't have to wait so long for a cusotmer not on any bookings, not with any enquiries, to be deleted). Remember to go super user to delete a customer record (super user is in top left corner)
* Now force a subject line in booking emails (advanced note entry). Too many people were sending emails to customers without subject lines! This could make it a little more tricky for those who use the functionality as a means to put formatted notes into a booking - but the trade off we think is worth it.
* On homepage, only unassigned / assigned to you enquiries are now shown. We have extended the quick view to those created in the last 96 horus (from 48). Its only meant to be a quick, sub conscious, means to see enquiries / bookings BTW !
* Board basis code no longer added to booking for hotel room / hotel rate bookings. That code was just confusing and didn't add to much. The board basis description continues to be added though, of course. The board basis description is now editable within a booking.
* Able to move hotel room bookings between room from the booking edit screen - from a nice simple change room function. Only available alternatives (that permit bookings for the same occupancy as the current room) will be shown.
* New hotel room booking calendar (gantt chart style) - so you can see availability and bookings at a glance

Thats all folks!

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Comment by Ralph Foulds on January 14, 2010 at 9:03am
Thanks for the update. Quick question:

MS-Word / rtf docs.
Can we now upload these in Word format ? (previously only worked with .rtf) ?
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on January 14, 2010 at 12:45pm
Ralph, you can create the document in Word, but save as RTF format. So no, no changes to supporting .doc format but yes you can use MS-Word to create RTF format! :)


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