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12th November 2010 - New release - A few tweaks here or there

A few tweaks, nothing major, however if you were waiting for any of this I expect you want to know it is now there and live :)

* New field - duration (numeric) - to work alongside the duration description field. Handy for partners who want to be able to filter and search by trip length. We had this number available via the website CMS previously but now it is also in the API.

Marketing reporting
* The Misc. ID is now shown in the clicks report. You can use Misc. IDs to track within a single agent record. e.g. different campaigns can be tracked separately.
* Search enquiries by agent - operationally this probably isn't that useful (which is why wasn't there before) however it can be helpful if you are working with an agent and want to know how good they have been at sending you leads. Bookings etc were always able to be searched by agent as that is core!

* Various changes to sales ledger reports - mainly new columns that have been added to the spreadsheet export
* New tokens for component specific product and operational notes - now easier to send email to suppliers with specific information for them
* Pre-trip email can now be sent upto 28 days before travel (up from 14)
* Hotel product configuration - can make 1st child be priced as an adult - handy for some complex hotel contract types

Thats all folks!

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