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14th July 2010 - New release - Agent login and other tweaks

Many tweaks to notify everyone.... all good news (hopefully!)

API, Marketplace, agents and tracking
* Tour search - products are automatically removed from the tour search API reply if they have error 404'ed more than 10 times in a row. This normally happens when you haven't set up a URL for the tour information page. Products automatically are returned again once the issue is resolved.

* Now showing average marketing statistics from suppliers to Marketplace partners. This includes average transaction value, average unique visitors to book, number of pax per booking and leadtime between booking and travel date. You can turn this off in the Marketplace setup (supplier side) but as this is not totals or anything like that this data won't disclose how big / small a supplier is, only how efficient their website is in converting customers to book.

* Pickup point no longer mandatory in the Marketplace content fields (makes it easier for all the ski chalets now in the system)

* Agent records that come from Marketplace partners now start with TOURCMS (uppercase) (previously it was mp lowercase). This keeps these agents clearly visible from your other agent records you may have setup

* Moved to first click attribution for tracking - meaning that tracking sources up the food chain (at the start of the research phase) may get more bookings assigned to them than sources nearer the end of the process. Means you can also safely use tracking scripts from your newsletters etc without fear of overwriting initial marketing sources.

* Single check availability widget now opens in a new window (rather than same window)

* Widgets - possible to use on your own site without overwriting tracking. We are going to make this easier to configure (right now you have to set mp=0 in the url of the widget and have setup your API password in Configuration & Setup) but technically it works and you can put widgets on your own site if you wish.

* New clicks report - supplier side - see number of clicks from various sources. Bear in mind this is clicks when most of the other reports are unique visitors from clicks. The goal of the clicks report is to compare these numbers to other sources (e.g. clicks report from Google).

* Improved the agents statistics page (well we hope it is an improvement !)

* Marketplace partners can now see clicks and booking data in their login. This includes access to historical bookings, bookings made by the supplier member of staff (and assigned to their agent).

Languages and localisation
* Korean now live (online booking, widgets and customer / supplier communications)
* Can turn off decimal display if .00 - required for Korean as there is no monetary subunit in Korea. Others may find this setting handy as well though as it makes number display nice and clean

Booking engine
* Addressed issue with Paypal occasionally not working in booking engine (it was our load balancers timing out before Paypal replied to our API calls). Hopefully that problem has gone away now

* Can make it so that, for hotel product bookings, the customer MUST enter dates / occupancy before they see any availability (step 1). This will stop customers jumping through the first screen without thinking about what they are booking.

Whole chalet (hotel)
* If whole chalet room set on a hotel (e.g. a ski chalet that is wholly bookable as well as having sub rooms) the lead in price now comes from the whole chalet (if set)
* More logic applied to step 1 booking engine - won't show in the calendar as available when the whole chalet was booked but a single room was still available (really this is a bug fix as it wasn't logical before)

* Email addresses can now have a + in
* Booking summary report - can now have agent name on
* Option detail report - can show supplier name, booking status and agent name


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Comment by Kay Paik on July 14, 2010 at 12:46pm
Many thanks for the Korean updates & tweaks! :)


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