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15th September 2010 - New release - Cost based pricing makes it easier to sell from a 3rd party contract

A few tweaks to announce from the last week or so...

Cost prices
You can now sell to your customers based on your loaded cost prices. You could use this to maintain a second set of prices for the same product or perhaps to make it easier to load hotel contracts and sell on a markup.

The other advantage of it is that you can load costs in any currency you like - hence now this is a means to fix prices where you maintain a fixed sale price in multiple currencies (rather than a single sale price followed by an application of an exchange rate)

Alongside this change you can now use a single % to markup your cost prices across the board (as opposed to using margin types / schemes to configure individual markups for specific products)

Product setup
* Tour/Hotel names can now be longer (upto 100 characters)

Pricing edit
* Tour departure page now shows 30 rather than 15 departures
* If you are using a hotel rate to control, say, 90 rooms, you can now change the availability of the 90 rooms on a single screen - rather than going through to each room individually to put on sale / offsale

Thats all folks!

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