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16th June 2010 - New release - Improvements and tweaks everywhere!

New release this week........ lots of small changes!

Excel export
* Enquiry export - country name - includes the full country name as a new column
* Enquiry export - address now split into multiple columns (easier to mail merge)
* Booking export - includes the workflow note
* Booking export - can include / exclude bookings that have any staff member on

Online booking
* If you are taking credit card payments in the booking engine you can now, on the last screen, show a different message depending upon whether the payment has gone through or not. In both situations the booking comes into your account but now you can either thank the customer for their payment or give them another message
* HTML top / HTML base can now have conditional comments in the HTML

Staff bookings
* Arriving soon tab now shows bookings arriving in the next 4 weeks
(rather than 2 weeks) (upto a maximum of 200 bookings). Quite a few
accommodation contracts need to be checked at a 4 week to arrival point
and this saves running a separate report to find these bookings.
* Hotel product - can now booking on start / end days of the week that can't be booked online
* Hotel product - duration now defaults to the minimum duration of your onsale hotel products (should be a better default than the previous 2 night default)

Product configuration
* Hotel - if you have limited the arrival days of the week then it will show in green just those days
* Hotel - can set "no arrivals" for individual dates. Ideal when you need to leave a date onsale (because perhaps a booking should be permitted to end on that date) but you don't want new bookings on that date. Or if you have one off scenarios where you want to stop bookings for. Generally though the onsale / offsale will do the trick
* Quantity pricing - moved up to 50 price points (up from the 10 before) for tour departures. That should do it :)
* Option name can be upto 150 characters (up from 50)

Lead in prices
* When using tour departure quantity based pricing the lead in price now takes into account that it can get cheaper the more is booked. Also is based on the minimum booking size (with the aim of removing situations where a zero lead in price is generated)
* Hotel lead in price now takes the number of adults from the default adult number (on setup). Previously it was calculated on 1 adult (causing zero priced lead in prices where the sale prices was loaded against the 2nd adult)

* Jump straight from creating a customer record to using that customer record in a new booking
* Booking quick jump - in top right hand corner - if you know the booking ID you want to jump to that is now the quickest way to it

Marketing statistics
* Removed robot (non-human) clicks from the click statistics. Will be interesting to see if this makes some of the marketing sources turn out to be more useful than initially considered (once non-human clicks are removed from the conversion statistics). As the conversion statistics are done on a rolling basis this won't be known for a while.

* Villa availability report - it is still there! Just we have renamed it to the "no overlapping" report. The reason for this is because we now advise that people setup villas / ski chalets as hotel products rather than tour freesale. Much more flexibility.
* Booking workflow note can be added to advanced report templates

Currency display
* New logic - if the currency is a symbol (e.g US$ or $) then there is no space between the symbol and the value. If the currency is an abbreviation there is a space between the currency and the value. Apparently this is how it is meant to be....

* Tour search API - now can search whether each month has something on sale. Use this to build a very basic (but useful) tour availability search on your website. The same values are in the CMS tags as well and the single tour API call
* Search by currency (e.g. if you just want to feature tours in GBP)
* New _display version of all the price values. This includes an HTML entity version of the currency symbol, a space (if appropriate) and the price (without decimals). Handy if you are taking that value and putting it straight on a screen (without you having to know what all the currency symbols are)

Thats all folks!

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Comment by Actief in Tsjechie on June 16, 2010 at 5:12pm
Hi Alex,

Great new tweaks!

One question I have: How can we add quantity based prices above 10+ on freesale? Or is that still in the making?

Regards, Luit
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on June 17, 2010 at 2:29pm
Luit, I have added to list :)
Comment by Vicki Roberts on June 24, 2010 at 9:30am
Hi Alex
These tweeks are great, I especially like the booking jump - It'll be very useful when I am checking booking/getting data from bookings and the ability to make new customer and start booking is also great.
I also like the new availabilty overview but to be of use to us it would need to be split into dates like the old ski chalet/villa one was or the Hotel booking chart is, and like these have the option to show the bookings (with details) rather than the available spaces. Just a thought for the future - it would take TourCMS to almost perfection!


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