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19th February 2010 - New release - Quite a few updates to bookings management

Latest updates

Pricing & product management
* Round sale prices up to the nearest 5, 10 etc. Handy if you are using a % markup - or selling in non loaded currencies so the sale prices uses an exchange rate. Now you can make nice looking prices!
* Can now adjust onsale / offsale for a hotel by date band without resetting the sale prices to zero

* New multi tour itinerary functionality - including able to edit / update it on a per booking basis within a booking. This will be very handy for
itinerary based tour operators. New token to match it
* More logical ordering of customers when shown within a booking. Now mainly goes oldest to youngest.
* Alerted if you haven't sent an email (to the customer) that you should have done. Lets see how this goes
* Able to edit multiple sale prices at the same time - handy if you are tailor making a tour and want to make all your prices add to a certain value

Booking tokens
* Cancellation token (date)
* Most tour/hotel marketplace fields now have a document token

* Year on year chart now has cancelled bookings by date entered booking system

* Realised that some of the labelling that said markup should have said margin. Back to accountancy lessons for us. The data was all fine though.

* Couple of tweaks - e.g. you can now search by country code.
* Won't bore you with detail on other tweaks!

Progress continues.......

Final note - please continue to raise support questions in these forums. If your question contains commercially sensitive (or customer data) aspects please use our helpdesk. That is the best way of getting our attention!

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Comment by Neil Lapping on February 22, 2010 at 9:24am
Hi Alex,
This looks great.
Just a query on the itinerary functionality.
"If left blank the default itinerary will be shown" - Is this the default itinerary from marketplace?
Will formatting be lost when using token or retained?
Thanks, we will see how we can use best to make our lives easier.
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on February 22, 2010 at 9:53am
Separate discussion about the new itinerary method on this thread

Formatting should be maintained. Yes it is the text from the marketplace field, if blank.


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