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20th December 2009 - New release - few booking engine tweaks and 3 new languages

In the latest release

* Now support Turkish, Swedish and Romanian taking us to 12 or so languages pre-translated in the booking engine

* Booking name now shown on customer / option summary in advanced report templates
* Fixed booking detail report so doesn't print out a blank sheet of paper before the first booking :)
* Added customer summary to booking detail (as a configuration option)

Booking engine
* Can now add an agent reference to the booking process - ideal if you need to ask the agent for their name or perhaps their own booking system identifier. You can also configure this question to come up only if the booking is being made by an agent (not if a direct booking). Go to step 4 configuration in website manager to turn on.
* Tweaked the IFRAME system - so we now suggest you remove the ScrollTo in the IFRAME script (on your website). Our examples have been updated.
* Can show the option table in online booking engine for each person (rather than each type of tour / hotel). Handy if you want to ask the same question to each person in very very very specific circumstances. Alternatives (which are better for most situations) are to add extra customer field questions for each customer - or to repeat the option in a single table for the number of customers on the booking.
* Radio buttons on option table - can now make it so that you choose one option OR another option. Ideal if you have a couple of mutually exclusive alternatives.

Bug fixes
* Copy hotel room details to multiple rooms - wasn't copying the base rate (for zero occupancy). Is now.
* Image uploading to marketplace wasn't working very well in Internet Explorer. Now works for PNGs and JPEGs like it should.
* Fixed a problem with freesale bookings on booking engine in IE.
* Staff booking engine - hotel bookings - fixed an issue that came up when selling zero priced rooms

VAT sales tax increase (EU)
Lastly, if you are being charged UK sales tax VAT please note that this will go back up to 17.5% from January 2010. If anyone who is unregistered for VAT (so can't claim it back) and wants to pay a whole year in advance then we can take your money in December if you wish! Can't see anyone jumping for that as most customers are either outside EU (not paying VAT) or are registered for VAT (hence can claim it back).


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