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20th March - New release - Change in payment gateways, flags and the API

Big release this week....

Credit cards / payment gateways
* Now implemented that payment gateways only configurable in the booking engine for paying TourCMS accounts (as announced a week ago).
* Laid foundations for adding more payment gateways into TourCMS. We have a long list of gateways we want to work with. One requirement for new gateways is that they must have a hosted payment page (to ensure we and you do not need to be audited for PCI compliance - which is an expense neither you nor us want). Most do work this way.
* Sales tax on credit card transaction fees now correctly calculates
* Change the booking engine order - the credit card payment page is now the last page in the process
* If a payment creates an email in the booking engine (e.g. because as a result of the payment the booking status changes to provisional or confirmed) then the new booking email will not be sent (except for PayPal because we wait for the IPN data from PayPal before checking the booking status which can be upto an hour later due to the time it takes PayPal to send through the data)
* Payment Express gateway now does a sale transaction in the booking process rather than an AUTH then REBILL. This should save some % transaction fees with some banks where due to the rebill not sending the CCV number an insecure transaction fine was being applied

* Able to take over an individual flag from someone else (in a booking)
* Default you can see interesting flags on a booking. An interesting flag is either a flag set to you or a non-system set flag set to anyone else. If you have restricted bookings permission you will only see your own flags
* Tweaked the text so change deleting a flag to completing a flag

Booking engine
* Changed the screen order (as mentioned previously)
* Text for tracking script (on thank you page) now can be 100k (rather than 2k)
* Able to add a question to customers about whether you can contact them with offers / promotions etc. This will adjust the marketing permissions on their customer record

* Departure / Freesale data now also contains a booking engine URL link
* Tour search - able to exclude a country from a set of results
* Tour search - able to exclude returning tours that include accommodation
* Channel list comes back in alphabetical order
* Tour list comes back in alphabetical order
* Tour list now contains the tour name


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Comment by Vicki Roberts on April 15, 2010 at 4:02pm

You mentioned above that you are working on more payment gateways at the moment and wondered if you could let us know which they are?

I am particularly interested in knowing if you are working with Barclaycard as we currently use them for our credit cards and I think they seem to have a hosted payment page. I am assuming that them means the 2 middle stages combine and make verything simpler.

I look forward to knowing how you're getting on with it!
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on April 15, 2010 at 6:47pm
Hi Vicki
Do give us a call to talk through this actually. It is simple enough but does need a little consideration to get it right for how you intend to use it.

We use Barclaycard to do billing for TourCMS - so know exactly how it works

Thanks. Alex


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