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21 December 2010 - New release - Hotel pricing rules, a few bug tweaks at the start of new credit card functionality

This is the last release note of the year and it contains a bit of a mixed bag of changes and tweaks. Mainly the focus has been on changes made as a direct result of your suggestions and feedback.



* Booking name - new switch (in configuration & setup, bookings) to make the booking name come from the first tour/hotel added (rather than the last one added). Generally the default is fine (especially if you are tailor making an itinerary) however now it is possible to change the default if you wish. Remember you can always change (on an individual booking) the booking name - e.g. if you want to personalise it.

* Subject lines for booking emails can now take tokens (if entered manually)

* Pin a note to the booking - now can be exported in a custom report (booking detail & booking summary). Also a new token %pinned_note%

* Sales ledger reports - 2 new outputs - Balances not yet due, Balances not yet due (confirmed bookings)

* When you make a credit card payment (with a credit card fee) the fee now shows who made that payment (handy if you have several credit card payments on the same booking and want to know which fee relates to which payment)

* Fixed a bug that was impacting % based deposit calculations (where set on a tour/hotel, not the marketing website channel) and where the sale currency wasn't the same as the account base currency.


Hotel setup & reports

* Children as adults rule - now only changes a child to be counted as an adult if there is 1 adult in the room. Seems the rule was almost perfect before but now it absolutely reflects how many hotels offer their occupancy contracts.

* Room / rate copy now copies the no arrivals field

* Report - who is in which room - if you report on a leaving date the report no longer contains those leaving that day (just those that are there during the day - or that night)

* Report - who is in which room - now has customer age shown (if known)


Booking engine

* Use H1, H2, H3, H4 in your HTML sections

* Quite a few changes to the Russian translation based on feedback from Russia...



* On a category page (CMS) (e.g. by collection / product filter) - you can now infer a collection ID into a list of options - so only options that are on tours/hotels within that collection will be listed

* On tour search (API) you can now order by alphabetical order



* Fixed a bug with IE and Excel documents - for a reason relating to browser user agents - only under HTTPS - users were being logged out when an Excel document was opened.


Status of credit card payment gateway project

This release saw one change to payment gateways (indication on credit card fees as to which payment the fee relates to). We have one more tweak to do (Able to issue refunds from within TourCMS for external payment gateways) and then we will be moving onto the main, overdue, payment gateway project that I know a few customers are waiting for.




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