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23rd August 2010 - New release - Setup widgets on your own website plus other tweaks

A real hotch potch of small tweaks on TourCMS this week!

API / Widgets
* Newly rewritten documentation and examples (with sample code) including two hotel live availability search examples. Now very easy to do a hotel/villa search with you just needing to buy a few hours web design services (from your own web designer) to integrate into your site. Very limited development required by you.
* .net client library (similar to the existing PHP client library)
* Tour search API method - can now search on location keyword (previously you could search by geocode and other criteria but searching by location keyword can be helpful if you want to create a structure based on regional names)
* Setup API for your own (supplier) account over multiple website channels (previously could only do over a single channel). i.e. you don't need a Marketplace account to use the API.
* Create widgets to put on your own website (without travel agent tracking). See the widget builder for details.


* Nationality can now be defaulted to blank
* New token for deposit per person
* When you delete a booking you can now see it is deleted (and who did it) within the system log (from system management section). Ideal if your auditors want to know WHO deleted a booking and when.

Tour/Hotel setup
* Blank room/rate names - ideal if you have 90 rooms and don't really mind what they are called
* Able to setup upto 100 rooms/rates at the same time
* Rates that control rooms now exclude whole chalet rooms. i.e you can have a "whole chalet room" for booking an entire ski chalet. You can also have a single rate plus 10 sub-rooms all controlled by the single rate. Makes setting up ski chalets that work like hotels very easy indeed.
* Set fixed / fixed per person deposits (rather than the previous % based deposits). These are also editable within an individual booking

Data export
* Able to export all invoice values - including invoices issued on now deleted bookings (for audit purposes)

Agent email
* Can setup an additional agent email address to receive automated booking emails.

Free trial accounts
* Now restricted to 20 tours/hotels that can be setup (and 1 user). Remember these are free trials. If you are using TourCMS to run your business you ought to upgrade....

Thats it!

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