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24th January 2011 - New release - Booking engine tweaks, API changes, payment gateways, more tokens...

Phew big release this week.... Lots of nice new shiny functionality



* Search by grade and accommodation rating
* Change the keyword search to be an AND rather than the default OR


Tour configuration

* Copy the same description (tour/hotel) into multiple website channels quickly. Handy if you are featuring your tour/hotel on multiple channels and you want to share the same descriptions on all. Some customers though have different descriptions for the same product when featuring on different websites (e.g. in another language or promoting a different aspect of the product)


Booking tokens

* %address_schedule% - a list of postal addresses for all tour/hotel components on a booking

* %pickup_schedule% - a list of all pickup points (and pickup instructions) for all tour/hotel components on a booking

* %t_url%, %comp_url% - pull the web address of the tour/hotel into your emails / documents - so you can tell customers where they can go for further information


Bookings management

* Now shows 200 (rather than 50) quotes and provisional bookings on the quick overview screen.

* Deposit can be larger than the outstanding balance on a booking but now the sale value takes into account the net sale value (removing agent commission). Will keep an eye on this as we have changed this around a few times now. Pretty sure we have this right now but quite complex :)

* IP address used to make the booking now shows (and new token %b_ip% if you want to pull into emails / documents)


Booking engine

* Title will be mandatory if shown, except for non lead customers where it will take the mandatory/non mandatory setting from the name permission

* Rename the word agent on step 1 of the booking engine (where used next to agent selection dropdown)

* Agent selection dropdown - can restrict which agents show on that list by agent group

* Notes / special requests - can be turned off

* Can make telephone numbers digits only


Payment gateways

* Can refund (fully or partially) from within TourCMS (for gateways that support it)

* Credit card fees show which customer made that associated payment - so if you want to remove a credit card fee you know which one to remove

* Request payment via email (ideal for tailor-made tours) - new tokens to request deposit and balance payments. e.g. you can receive a quote request online, you then tweak the booking until it matches the customer requirements, you can then send an email saying "pay a deposit now" - they click on a link - make a card payment - the money goes into your accout, the sales ledger data is entered into TourCMS....

* Now completed the complete rewriting of our payment gateway system. We are ready to work with individual customers to integrate additional payment gateways as required. Contact us for details.


UI changes

* Advanced customer search - search by title

* Now easier to see Marketplace partners where you are connected with one website channel but not all your website channels

* Create new option - name can now be upto 150 characters


Bug fixes

* Fixed a problem with %itinerary_table_text%. Sorry about that.

* TourCMS now compatible with IPv6

* Addressed an issue that may have caused duplicate email sending when you are using your own SMTP email gateway and it is not responsive. Now leave your email server alone for 10 minutes after a sending failure.... as sometimes your SMTP servers were actually sending, but replying back to us as a failure, hence duplicates as we resend automatically if we get a sending failure.



* Tweaked our pricing for our gold level accounts. Now has 500 staff users in the account. Ideal if you want multiple suppliers to login to your account and see their bookings. Previously a rarely used supplier login account would cost quite a bit of money - now it is much better

* Tweaked our included bookings for Standard +, Premium and Gold. Now makes more sense for large scale tour wholesalers.

* The TourCMS affiliate programme (where we pay 100 GBP per new sign up (and upgraded) referral) has now been moved to within the Marketplace partner login. Much easier for everyone to signup and promote TourCMS now :)


Thank you

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Comment by Dana Ronan on January 24, 2011 at 10:28pm

Help!  The "refresh" link has disappeared in the new release out of the payments area of the customer profile.  We use this to make the American Express details appear so we can charge through the bookings, but it's gone this morning.  Has it been replaced with anything or just dropped out in the new release?



Comment by Alex Bainbridge on January 24, 2011 at 11:24pm

HI Dana

I have sent you an email. I am sure we can sort this out for you. Sorry about the hassle

Thanks. Alex


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