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25th January 2010 - New release - Tweaks to enquiries, emails and bookings

Few changes to report this week

* No longer can supply special offer prices when entering quantity based pricing (i.e prices for 1-10 people based on how many people in a booking). Logically it didn't make that much sense to have the special offer loaded just on bookings with 1 person.
* Feedback wall is removed - we love your feedback - but no one was using the feedback wall as originally intended. Please continue to use these forums to tell us what you think!
* Year on year report / chart now can show cancelled bookings

Web booking engine
* Introduced another "catch" to stop a particular overbooking scenario for tour departures. Previously it was tricky to overbook on tour departures, but not absoutely impossible. One more scenario has been addressed.
* Where did you hear about us? question can now be made mandatory.

* New field - follow up date. Rather than having flags and to do lists on each enquiry, this date is a mechanism to know when to revisit an enquiry for a followup. Enquiries with followup dates that are in the past will show in red on the enquiries list.
* Easier to enter a customer record at the same time as an enquiry - you can now save address on that form. This is a handy form if a customer phones you up and you just want to take down all the details you can without fiddling around with lots of screens.

* Quote and provisional bookings that are historical (28 days after travel end date) are now automatically expired (unless a payment has been made on that booking). Some TourCMS users have set the default quote request expiry to 365 days (so in effect they don't expire) but that has meant many bookings have been left in the system visually clogging up the screen showing which bookings you need to be thinking about right now. Hopefully this addresses that problem
* New section on the sales ledger (money) section - showing you historical bookings that are quote / provisional. Really you shouldn't have any of those - they should either all be cancelled or confirmed. So now it is easier to see what bookings you need to tidy up to keep your data nice and organised

Booking emails (advanced note entry)
* Depreciated (finally) a number of old documentation tokens. We announced we were going to remove them in 2008 so *hopefully* no one is using them still (for those with a long memory this is when we moved from being able to have a single tour in a booking to multiple tours - which meant a redesign of how the tour / option tokens worked)
* From name / address - can now select from an alternative from name / address (if configured from your automated booking email settings). Means you can keep your staff user email address to be your email address, but send generic email to your customers if you wish.
* Can now preview an email before you send it
* Add an email address to an email (cc) in free entry - rather than having to be stored against a supplier, customer or agent record
* Can now send component (product specific) emails from the email note entry screen. e.g. if you are setting up emails to go to a specific supplier. These are %comp_ style tokens. If you have any of those style tokens in your email templates a product selection shows. Select a product and the %comp_ style tokens will become product specific


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Comment by Actief in Tsjechie on January 27, 2010 at 8:03am
Good morning Alex,

Is there a token for the above mentioned alternative "From name / address - can now select from an alternative from name / address"?

Regards, Luit
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on January 27, 2010 at 9:17am
Hi Luit
No token for the generic from name / email address - however as they are your standard email / name (not staff specific) you could just put them in your email templates?

Thanks. Alex
Comment by Actief in Tsjechie on January 27, 2010 at 10:37am
Hi Alex,

In our invoices we use %user_assigned_fullname% (%user_assigned_email%). It would be handy is the %user_assigned_email% would correspond with the from name / e-mail adres. In our case the used e-mail adresses can be bit confusing for customers.

Regards, Luit


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