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25th June 2010 - New release - Focus on changes to help you market more effectively

This week's release....

* The widgets are now available in 14 languages - if you take a look at this page - near the bottom - you can see an example in Dutch and another in Spanish.
* Pay Per Click performance report (PPC) - you can now adjust report dates. A new column added to show leadtime by marketing partner. You will probably see that guide websites have long lead time and other travel websites a shorter timeframe....
* In Marketplace you can email your Marketplace partners - please do keep them informed with interesting things - but please don't spam them or we will get grumpy.
* Your Marketplace partners (and potential partners) can also now email you with an invitation to work with them
* Your Marketplace partners can now rebrand your booking engine to their design. i.e. this makes it super easy to give a partner booking capability on their site, to their design, but the booking comes into your account.

Bookings management
* Multi-customer removal - you can now remove multiple customers at once - rather than individually. We are still working on the multi-customer add :)
* Booking notes can now be added to custom report templates

Tour products
* You can see an overview availability table showing the next 12 months. This uses the same data that powers the tour search API method. Use this table to quickly see what you still have on sale and perhaps where you haven't loaded all your dates & prices!

Thought for the week.... you can use the tour search API method to put a quick availability search on your site... e.g. search by keyword, location and filter by just those tours / hotels that have availability in January. You can put a search like this onto your site in about 2 hours work....


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Comment by Vicki Roberts on June 25, 2010 at 11:18am
Is there a beginners guide to how to put the availablity chart on our site? For those of us who have no idea where to start with API????
Comment by Paul on June 25, 2010 at 11:40am
Hi Vicki, not yet, could you email support with what you are looking to do and we'll see what we can do with regard to pulling together an example implementation.
Comment by Neil Lapping on July 8, 2010 at 8:18am
Hi Guys,
Does the tour search API search only those products loading in the marketplace or all tours on the account?

Looking to implement this in the next couple of weeks so I am sure Dojo or I will be in touch to discuss.


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