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27th May 2010 - New release - many changes, tweaks and improvements...

We have been so hard at work improving TourCMS that we have somewhat neglected to publicly announce all the good things we have been building. Time to catch up!

Email sending
* Default email sending from TourCMS now goes via a different outbound route than before. You shouldn't notice any difference although we hope it gets through better to various email services where they are more active at filtering for commercial style emails
* You can set up your own SMTP email route if you wish meaning that all outbound email could be routed via your office. This means that you can configure all the headers etc and it will look just like any email sent from your office
* Email size (for new booking / provisional / confirmed booking) upto 200k (from 20k)

Enquiry handling
* Now shows 100 enquiries on the latest enquiries page (up from 30)
* When you save an enquiry you can now go back to the enquiries page (rather than going to the customer record). Handy if you are going through all out outstanding enquiries as keeps that process efficient

New languages
* Booking engine now available in Greek, Catalan and Russian

* Supplier report - can now report on provisional / confirmed bookings together in one report
* Year on year chart - see outstanding quotations
* Agent / customer totals on the outstanding financial balances report (there were totals before, now there are totals of totals!)

Flags on bookings
* Can now see all future flags from everyone. Should make working in small teams more efficient as you can clearly see what other people are doing on the same booking

Booking engine
* Fixed a bug with missing end date text on step 1 of the booking engine
* Can add a message for tour departures on step 1 (just like you could for other product types)
* Fixed a bug with option filter on hotel room types
* Increased session timeout for entering credit card details to 3 hours (from 45 minutes). Seems customers slow down at that point and can sometimes sit on credit card entry page for a long time (too long really and sessions were expiring)
* Able to configure default country (for customer record) to blank
* Change whether temporary bookings (non complete online bookings) reduce availability or not (tour departures)
* Hotel / freesale products are now released back to being available if the user goes back to the first step of the booking engine (should make it easier for customers to choose, go into booking process, revert back to selection phase, and choose what they previously selected, even if that was the last product that was available)
* Calendar to step 1 of the booking engine for hotel products. Ideal if you are using hotel products for campsites, ski chalets or villa rental
* State is now mandatory if postal address is mandatory
* Can turn off title (Mr / Mrs etc) in the booking engine
* Fixed bug with payment express and online payments (hopefully!)
* Able to add a message on the booking engine (step 4) if the booking is last minute (e.g. for special instructions)
* Able to rename the address fields - e.g. Postal Code/Zip code instead of Zip code.
* Able to add JavaScript into the page for step 1 of the booking engine. Will be useful for integration with Google Analytics (which we are still testing and documenting)

Hotel product type
* Temporary bookings now show on the hotel room bookings chart (so you can see why you can't book that slot even if you can't see the booking itself)
* Able to set whole chalet rooms. These are rooms that hold the price for booking an entire ski chalet (rather than just booking a couple of rooms). When the entire ski chalet room is booked, no other rooms are bookable. When an individual room is booked, the entire ski chalet room is not available.
* And don't forget the new availability calendar on step 1 of the booking engine (that just mentioned above!)

* Ticker widget can now have upto 10 products in (up from 5)
* Ticket widget now 220 high (previously 210)

* TourCMS can now email you when you change your login password


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Comment by Brad Lowe on May 28, 2010 at 9:30am
Where are we now "Able to configure default country (for customer record) to blank"? I have hunted through the menus and cannot find the option.
Is this just in the online booking engine, or for bookings created directly in the admin screens too?
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on May 29, 2010 at 9:41am
Hi Brad, if you go to configuration & setup, customers - you can change it there.
Sorry for the confusion, that bit of the release is there now
Thanks. Alex


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