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29th July 2010 - New release - More hotel price logic, new APIs and single occupancy rules

Lots to report in the latest release

Booking engine
* Zero priced options on step 2 of the booking engine now show their prices as blank (rather than showing zero price)
* Turn options into questions - e.g. useful for pickup points, accommodation choice, t-shirt size etc. Can be an input box or a dropdown. The customer provided answer will be added to the end of the option name so will appear in your reports / booking documentation etc
* Additional logic added for options to determine when shown (min / max tour quantity). Previously this was (and still is) possible using the complex price tables (for upto 30 in a booking) but when you have larger bookings (groups in a big coach size range) then the price tables don't go that far. You can use this new switch on option setup to still permit size based display restrictions

* Lead in prices by the month added. Use this to create a nice seasonal overview showing how your prices fluctuate over time
* 2 new hotel search API methods - one to show a range of availability (useful if you are using hotel product for ski chalets - you can show an entire season on one screen and, on a week by week basis, show what you have remaining for multiple properties). The second API method is for specific availability - so you supply a date, number of adults/children - and you are returned the prices, board bases etc. From that you can link straight into a booking engine to take the reservation.
* Tour search - can now search for accommodation only
* Homepage URL (and tracked version) now are returned in the tour search XML

* New marketing audit - analyse how well you are using the TourCMS features to help you sell more product. For example are you asking customers where they heard about you? Are you tracking your PPC Google advertising using TourCMS?
* Marketplace partners can now "ignore" suppliers. This will take suppliers out of their widgets (and XML from the API) but maintain the connection.

Hotel product types
* 2 new pricing rules for hotel product types - x1 rule and a per person rule. If you have struggled to get your contracts loaded previously we expect now that one of these rules will exactly match your contract style - so you can load a contract without having to recalculate the individual 1st adult, 2nd adult prices
* Single occupancy pricing - you can load a single occupancy price
* Report by the night by the room - who is in which room on what night.

* New switch to hide (from customers) sales tax breakdown when priced tax inclusive. This removes the display of tax from the online booking engine and customer facing documentation.

Thanks !

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Comment by Vicki Roberts on July 29, 2010 at 10:34am
Hi Alex
Some good bits here. I am particularly interested in the first new hotel search API method but cant find any further reference to it or how I go about it - can you point me in the right direction?
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on July 29, 2010 at 10:43am


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