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29th June 2011 - New release - Setup your own affiliate programme (and other tweaks)

Plenty of small changes made to TourCMS since the last release note....


Launch your own affiliate programme

One of the most powerful aspects of TourCMS is the distribution and marketing tools that are part of the TourCMS Marketplace. However upto this point it has been tricky to sign up your own agents quickly (for you and them).

Now you can add a sign up form to your own website. Agents / affiliates can sign up directly from your own website (without having to come to the TourCMS website).

When an agent / affiliate signs up a TourCMS Markeplace account will be created. This, following your acceptance of that agent / affiliate, will then automatically be connected to your supplier account - so they will see your product information etc...

This process is much easier than before..... add a page on your website about your affiliate programme (with the new sign up form) and you will find plenty of new companies willing to take your product and promote it.....


4 new payment gateways

* Borgun - Iceland

* E-xact Hosted Checkout - US / Canada

* Realex - Ireland / UK

* DIBS - Denmark / Scandinavia


User permissions & login

* Read only (Restricted) - no longer see email templates

* Supplier login - Previously was possible to setup a login so that a supplier (e.g. a ground handler) could only see tours / bookings within a specific product filter. That functionality remains but the new functionality is centred on the supplier record instead. Suppliers can create, delete tours / options, see bookings etc

* Filter bookings access by website

* Add a TourCMS login (either Agent or supplier side) to your own website - useful if you want to maintain the login experience for your own agents. Instructions



* Booking name shows on the "who is in which room" report

* Upto 10 custom fields on bookings / customer report (up from 5 previously)


Bookings management

* Advanced search - can now search by name, product code or any matching text

* Component name custom edit can now be 150 characters (was 50 before)

* Improved sales ledger payment search - filter by booking agent now possible


API & web

* Tour search - can order by price down, price up

* List channels, channel information - have number of tours/hotels in tour_count

* Joomla - progress continues on the Joomla extension


Thank you!

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Comment by Andrew on June 29, 2011 at 2:21pm
I Like the affiliate sign up and agent login from own website developments.
Comment by Paul on June 29, 2011 at 5:44pm

Worth mentioning that we have the affiliate signup form up and running on TourSift as an example:

Comment by Actief in Tsjechie on July 3, 2011 at 2:28pm

Hello Alex,


Where can we find the supplier login name and passwords?


Regards, Luit


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