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29th October 2010 - New release - Facebook and some changes to outbound email

Not much to report in the latest release. Mainly this is because we continue to work on some engineering projects in order to keep the system running as best it can.

However we do have a couple of changes

Outbound email
* Add attachments to outbound emails (from advanced booking note). This is a very basic templated document sending mechanism. We have more plans - multiple documents, resend previous invoices, component specific documents, attach a file from your local PC... but least we have the principle working technically now!

* Faster sending - the email queue system is now a little faster. Once you click on send we queue the email and try to connect to the outbound SMTP email servers. (Remember that you can set your own SMTP servers in Configuration & Setup - so outbound email can route as if FROM your office). The change is that the queue is now a little more reactive to sending email.... so maximum delay is now 1 minute from when you click on send to when it actually goes out to the SMTP servers.

Do you have a Facebook page? We now have a Facebook application you can add as a new tab on your Facebook page. This will feature your tours/products and send visitors back to your website...

Take a look on this page for instructions

And here is an example:

Thats all folks!

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