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30th July 2012 - New release - big round up from last few months

We haven't announced TourCMS developments for a while but we have been hard at work tweaking, improving and changing the system - based on feedback from the 250 local tour operator customers - and our own vision.

This release note is a summary of changes made over the last few months:


* Unconfirmed bookings tab - easy to see bookings (arriving shortly) - where not yet confirmed (normal process is that this is for bookings where payments are still due)

* Post trip email - can send upto 365 days after the trip, can set upto 2 post trip emails

* Pre trip email - can now send 3 pre-trip emails (e.g. at different times - or a different email to agents and customers)

* Flags - new flag notification for last minute bookings and last minute cancellations (ideal for day tour operators)

* See on booking edit screen the number of days before travel that the booking is (next to the cancel booking button) - handy if you have specific booking cancellation conditions.

* Can now edit custom booking fields on cancelled bookings

* Flags & notifications - can see other users's flags (on the main list)

* Add existing customer to an existing booking - you can now add by customer ID (not just surname) - helpful if you have hundreds of customers with the same name (that some tour operators do). Find the ID on the customer record.

Working with agents & partners

* TourCMS Marketplace agents - notified via email when a new (confirmed) booking made (Email notification can be turned off by the agent/partner - in their login)

* New column on tours page - green tick / red cross -showing if a tour is correctly setup in the TourCMS Marketplace. Really you want all green ticks!

Product configuration

* Harder to mass delete all tour departures (now requires super user). People were deleting all their dates by accident. Oops.

* Tour copy - now you can create a tour by copying another tour.... should make configuration of many products a little quicker. Additionally you can copy dates & prices from an existing tour to a new tour.

* Time based buffers - so can auto-close departures at, for example, 4 hours prior to tour start (ideal for day tours that are booked on the day)


* Supplier report - search by product type, now has all supplier types on the report (including just accounting record ones)

* Customer summary report - advanced report templates - can hide booking name, booking ID, whether a staff member, customer age - and alter which parts of the passport information to show

* Run a custom report for just a single booking (from Docs & Comms on the booking itself). Can be handy for some situations.

* Invoice extract - now has booking name, lead customer name, agent name and either the agent or the customer ID (depending upon who is paying the balance)


* Tour search order - next_bookable_date - particularly useful if you run irregular tours (e.g. each tour only once or twice per year) (or an event) - as you can then list tours in chronological order

* Tour search - search by availability on a specific date

* Tour search - min_priority - ideal if you only want to list high commercial priority tours (e.g. to have a subset on your TourCMS Facebook application, for example)

* Dates and deals API now has hotel product in

* Dates and deals API now has booking engine URLs in (for going straight into the "out of the box" TourCMS booking engine)

* Created date now on tour show and tour search API - so can list tours in created date order (ideal if you want to say "new events")

* Booking update - able to update travel insurance details (these are per customer, per booking)

* Tour show - can now have custom fields and categories.... if using internal API credentials. Tour search also now supports searching by categories (so you can create your own custom tour search rather than rely on the standard TourCMS fields, if you like)

* API handoff - miss the first step of the TourCMS booking engine - e.g. imagine you have your own availability calendar on your website - you can then jump straight into the middle of the booking engine.... this means you can have full control of how you present dates, prices, availability on your own website - but don't have to build your own booking engine using the API..... best of both worlds ;)

Payment gateways

* Paypal timeout now 180 seconds (previously 90). We still are getting some Paypal payment failures online - grrr - we will continue to look at this.

* Paypal - should be able to now have IPN data coming into TourCMS for non TourCMS Paypal transactions - without TourCMS creating an alert for it

* Fixed a problem with the Borgun payment gateway - payment data was coming in twice (but only added to the TourCMS sales ledger once - the 2nd was always rejected as a duplicate - but the 2nd time would create a failed payment flag notification - which wasn't good)

* Realex - able to set sub-accounts

* Ogone - now supported

* SecurePay - now supported


* Staff user management - now search by email address / name - useful if you have hundreds of staff in your account (not many do!)

* Enquiry and agent sign up spam - we continue to see form spam on these 2 forms (adding an agent sign up or new enquiry to your site). We have taken some preventative measures - but will do more!

Thank you!

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