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5th April 2010 - New release - tweaks to booking engine price display

A couple of tweaks gone live recently that we haven't announced so best we mention them :)

Booking engine
* Step 1 - New switch to hide prices
* Step 1 - New switch to hide product codes
* Step 2 - New switch to hide prices
* Step 2 - New switch to hide product codes

Documentation tokens
* Can turn off product codes for all multi-component bookings (go to Configuration & Setup, Tokens to turn off)
* End date automatically hidden if a 1 day booking

i.e. You can now use product codes for accounting purposes without having to disclose the codes to your customers.

JavaScript widgets
The widget system is now fully up and operational. Further information from this page

* Widget wizard now working within Marketplace partner and normal TourCMS accounts
* New Marketplace partners automatically accepted i.e. you can use the Marketplace system as a key part of your agent system

We will be sending an email around shortly (to account owners) with additional information about the widgets

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