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5th July 2009 - Big update to TourCMS - lots of changes all over the place!

So much to cover in this release note.... so

* On the sales ledger report you can now search by booking dates (not just payment dates). Handy if you want a deferred income report (needed by some accountants!)
* Extra detail on the booking summary report - markup / commission - and able to report by agent
* Customer extra data fields can be added to customer summary reports
* Booking extra data fields can be added to booking summary reports
* In resort report - so you can see who is with you on any single date
* New villa / ski chalet report - including a rather fetching gantt chart

* Can output, on tour level, what kind of tour product it is (t_type)
* Has been failing when creating sites over 700 pages or so.... we *believe* we have fixed this timeout issue now... very few companies have sites over 700 pages that need to be rebuilt all at once.... but we still want to solve this problem.
* Calculated tour from price now takes into account whether pricing by day / night
* Lead in price for individual tour seasons now calculate correctly if a duration rule is set (e.g. if a tour is minimum 3 days, and pricing is by the day, should multiply the base price by 3)

* Staff booking process - departures now has two dates and a slightly improved layout
* Staff booking process - freesale tours merged two screens to one - should be easier to use
* Able to edit all agent commission on a booking at the same time. Also, on the right hand side, you can see what the agent commission would be if you made the same booking today. This is handy when you change agent on an existing booking and need to recalculate commission due. There is a single button to click to move those values to the actual commission values. If you change agent you are automatically directed to this page so you can check commission is correct before going back to the booking.
* Extra day showing on the today / tomorow tab (on bookings page)
* Popups in bookings edit - easier to navigate between each one
* If a freesale tour, and set to no overlap, when you edit a date you can see the previous / next booking dates... to try to stop staff moving bookings around and overlapping with existing ones (i.e. for villa / ski chalet style companies)

* Options during a tour (rather than checked against start or end date). Handy if you have a gala dinner half way through a tour and you want it to show up to be selected on a 2 week tour. If set to primary dates the option will be added using the option season dates - so if you have a specific event then set a 1 day long option season length.
* Usability improvement - if you are adding a tour departure and just add a start date, a 1 day tour will be added
* New price by duration table - so you can on freesale tours multiply the price by 2 for a 2 week stay vs a 1 week stay. Handy for the villa / ski chalet style customers.

* Change the "continue" button text on the shopping basket page
* Days of the week now show on the step 1 of the booking process (for tour departures)
* Able to restriction options by ID in the URL parameter linking to the booking engine. This is handy when filtering options and building your own shopping basket on your own website. We will fully write this up next week when we rewrite the booking engine manual.
* Can now set on extra customer data fields whether just added to lead customer or all customers
* Can now add booking extra data fields to the booking engine
* First screen of booking engine - if configured for multiple tour departure rates - the departure table will show the breakdown by rate type
* For freesale tour product types, if less than 10 bookable dates, those bookable dates will show (in a table). Handy for villa / ski chalet style products

* Added a new price level - the Budget level - at just 10 GBP per month / 20 USD. We expect companies who just want to add a booking engine to their sites - but who don't need a full reservation system right now - to take this option (if doing less than 20 bookings a month)

For the first time we will now add what is coming next to our release notes

* More credit cards (itransact, moneybookers and one more undisclosed for moment)
* Better agent functionality - more reports, selling at net rates and agent balance improvements
* More changes to options - including packages (using options to do asset control between tours)

July is going to be a busy one for us.... but hopefully from these release notes you can see we are still making good progress!

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Comment by Carl Cronje on July 8, 2009 at 9:20am
Great work, many thanks...
Comment by Alex Bainbridge on July 27, 2009 at 5:14pm
Slowly slowly catchy monkey


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