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6th November 2011 - New release - Tweaks and improvements everywhere

Many changes in the last month or so have gone live. Again most of these have come from your feedback and requirements - please keep it coming.

We have also been involved in a large UK project (announcement coming shortly) and that did take quite a bit of development resource time..... but now that this project is almost complete we can revert back to full time improvements including shortly more CRM functionality, more payment gateways and additional financial reporting.


* New multi-supplier login - let suppliers login, add product, see bookings - full explanation -a major amount of work has gone on here and if you want to set up a service where different suppliers login to your single central account this is now easy

* Supports customers of indeterminate gender

* Live booking API now complete (95%) and fully documented. Design & build your own booking engine!

* Advanced reports - customer summary - can now split by title, first name, middle name, surname

* New alert (if you wish it) to tell you if anyone in your account has become locked out (as a result of too many failed login attempts)

* Able to remove the account name / login URL from the new user email - useful if the user is logging in from your website, rather than via the TourCMS main login.

* Tours now have start and end times (rather than the previous approach which was to put the time in the code)

* Google Analytics can be set on all steps of the booking engine. It also now should work so that when the user goes to a payment gateway and comes back to the booking engine this is no longer seen as a new visitor

* Mandatory booking fee - can be set to per person (rather than per booking)

* Nepalese timezone

* Options - you can select to hide the price in the booking engine

* Can block all automated emails on a booking

* 2 new automated emails - quotation booking chaser, provisional booking chaser - good to hassle customers if they haven't replied to you ;)

* Terms & Conditions now need to be configured in the Marketplace - so that if a booking is taking place on a 3rd party website - that website knows your T&Cs. Please do configure them if this is the kind of bookings you are doing

* Many new supplier fields on a supplier record. You don't have to use them..... but they are there if you wish to!

* Rounding rules - can now round up to the nearest 9

* New API method to update the tour URL (handy if you are using an alternative CMS for your website so your other CMS knows the tour URL..... )


Phew ;)

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