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7th June 2010 - New release - Beanstream payment gateway and some other minor tweaks

Many small tweaks this week.

Booking engine
* Set default adult numbers for hotel product online bookings
* Able to hide the adult number dropdown on hotel product bookings
* A couple of language tweaks to the Greek language
* Step 1 - better focus on form elements when iframed - meaning that there is less jumping around when iframe is incorporated into your own website
* Link the image at the top of the booking engine to your website
* Can add TourCMS logo / SSL security logo to your booking engine. This could give extra reassurance to your customers
* Footer text now shows even if an iframed booking engine (previously it was hidden in iframed booking engines)

Booking management
* Super users can see - and delete - temporary bookings. E.g. if a customer starts down the booking engine but then decides to phone you to complete the booking - previously a member of staff wouldn't have been able to make a booking on exactly the same product if no availability remained. Now they can, from bookings, in super user mode, delete bookings that are incomplete
* Credit card fees can now be automatically added to manually entered sales ledger entries (if you have set a credit card fee up)

Product setup
* Set max capacity for a hotel chalet product type (alongside the existing maximum adults / maximum children). So you could have maximum 15 in the chalet - but maximum 15 adults, maximum 5 children)
* Extra logic rule for hotel chalet product type - so you can take a single room offsale but still keep the whole chalet onsale (previously the whole chalet wouldn't have been available if any individual room was offsale / booked on the dates requested)
* Tour departure schedule generator - easily make an entire season of dates in a couple of clicks

* Beanstream payment gateway (USA / Canada)
* Addressed Google Chrome issue with calendar popup (Missing August 2010). Although currently the JavaScript file is stuck in cache for some users but it will fix itself over time

Thats it!

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