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8th December 2009 - New release - more reports and a few other tweaks

Lots of small tweaks now in the latest version of TourCMS

* Tour/hotel internal note is now visable on the first step of the staff booking engine. Some customers use the internal note to store details about special offers etc hence it is handy having it shown on this step of the booking engine
* Individual users can configure a default website / channel for staff entered bookings. Handy if you have multiple companies in the same TourCMS account

Web booking engine
* Step 2 is changed, visually, to better work with combinations that people have devised. Any feedback etc appreciated

Travel products
* The block value (for tour departures held back or not available on a specific date) can now be imported via the CSV mass departure import mechanism
* Hotel product types can now have a base price - e.g. 5 GBP then plus a per person / per night charge
* On hotel product type rate entry you can now see which years you have nothing on sale (helps when configuring so you know what remains to be loaded). Green background means something for on sale.
* Can now delete options (and remove from all tours) in one click. Careful now!

* On money section (sales ledger) can now extract all sales ledger entries into excel
* On sales ledger, next to a payment, you can see the sale value and outstanding balance
* Booking extract - now has advanced search capabilities - this functionality was originally intended as a full data dump hence didn't need search capabilities but now people are exporting bookings to spreadsheets on a regular basis hence having the advanced search on the spreadsheet export is helpful
* Can put extra booking fields on the booking detail section type for advanced templated reports
* New report - arrivals by the week (similar to the existing arrivals by the day report)

And of course we launched the marketplace last week and we continue to work on that.

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