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8th March 2010 - Many improvements to agent setup and marketing tracking

Big release last night with many tweaks / improvements

* Emails and booking documents (invoices / letters) can now fully take correct language settings. Now possible (without any incorrect language words creeping in) to take a booking in French, manage in English and send to a supplier in Spanish. Note that as a result of this change the language setting for a document / email is now set to a website channel - not to a language. This ensures that channel specific words can be used as well.

* Where hear question - can now setup to have different answers depending upon website channel. This is useful if you are wanting to use a translated version of the answers in different language situations.

Bookings management
* Can now see flags / tasks from other users (on an individual booking). Handy if you want to check what other people are doing on the same booking.

* Hide the NO BOOKING EMAIL SENT warning. Go to Configuration & Setup, Bookings, and tick to hide the warning. Handy if you, for staff made bookings, send a personalised email to the customer rather than the standard new booking email you have setup.

Agent manager and marketing tracking
* Step 5 of the booking engine - all documentation tokens can now be used in the JavaScript section of the confirmation page. This means you should be able to do complete Google Analytics integration taking all the data you wish.

* Agent manager - new navigation mechanism - easier to distinguish between your agents, affiliates and agent records used to track direct marketing

* Cut down the complexity of the agent tracking setup page

* Agent commission value now excluded from invoices raised in bookings management.

* New PPC advertising performance report. See sales revenue / margin vs clicks. Handy as this will give you a very good guide as to how much you can afford to bid on advertising networks such as Google.

* Can now set your own Misc ID in a tracking link without setting it up first. This ID can be used for campaign tracking within a single agent record.

Booking engine
Last week we conducted some usability testing on the booking engine. This has resulted in a number of areas that we have found we can improve on. A couple we have implemented and are live already:

* Individual departure links - no longer shows the "choose a date" heading or the month dropdown.
* Individual freesale season links - defaults the month dropdown to the start of the season

If you have freesale on your website make sure you use
<$TourCMSfreesale output="f_book_url"$>
rather than
<$TourCMStour output="f_book_url"$>
to take advantage of the improvements.

Had a well attended webinar / online training session last week. Now got 4 more dates in the diary.
See for details

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