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9th January 2012 - New release - More tweaks to bookings management, SMS sending and Portuguese

Big roundup of many smaller changes that we have rolled out since the last release note back in November 2011.

User Interface

- Website manager renamed as Channel Manager. Websites also renamed as Channels. (As a reminder, Channels enable you to manage multiple brands or websites within a single account)

- Portuguese booking engine / customer facing documentation (we now support 20 languages)

Agents & Suppliers

- Delete agent records

- Delete supplier records

- Supplier login - able to change the message about image caching - if you are only updating images on your website once every 24 hours (rather than if you are serving images from our infrastructure, when it will be updated after 30 minutes)

- Agent manger - now has agent group selection

- Booking report - now has agent group selection

Customers & Bookings

- SMS sending for flags & notifications

- Easy to delete blank customer records (go to super user in the customers section and you will see the link there)

- New automated emails in Channel Manager - mid-trip, booking anniversary, travel anniversary, payment acknowledgement

- Redesigned flags & notifications settings for all users

- Able to BCC users that the booking is assigned to - for all outbound automated email.

- New flags & notifications - successful/failed payment (when customer made via email request)

- Add multiple customers at once (to an existing booking)

- Uncancel a booking, deletes the cancel notifications & flags

- On a user you can set a corporate (or team) from name / email address for outbound email. Therefore you can keep their own email addresses on their user accounts (so they receive notifications etc) BUT can send via perhaps a shared generic email address for outbound email to customers

- Year on Year reports - now shows the last 3 years - if doing the report based on the year entered the system

- Balance due information now available on the booking summary report (Advanced reports)

Payment Gateways

- added

- As mentioned, there is a new payment acknowledgement email you can send (handy to send emails to customers when they have made a payment from an email request)

- As mentioned, you can now be set a flag & notification for a successful or failed credit card payment made from an email request.


- datesndeals API - can now call with distinct start dates - so only get one deal per date (ideal if you are creating an availability calendar and need to colour it correctly without doing much calculation yourself)

TourCMS Pricing

A couple of tweaks to our pricing. Nothing any paying customers should worry about!

- Free accounts have moved to 10 tours/hotels before you have to upgrade (rather than 20)

- Budget + has moved from 3 to 5 channels

- Standard has moved from 4 to 5 channels

- Premium has moved to unlimited bookings (was 1000 a month previously)

- Gold has moved to unlimited bookings (was 1000 a month previously)

Thank you!

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Comment by Robin Alterman on January 9, 2012 at 5:58pm

Hi Alex and Paul,

Any update on special offers yet? (Free nights/Percentage discounts etc.)


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