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9th November - Work ongoing on descriptions, images and moving product configuration around

Variety of important changes made recently to the TourCMS system

Product configuration

* Hotel product types now hidden - although still possible to turn on hotel product types if you go to Configuration & Setup - tours general settings

* Freesale tour types (where customer selects a date) - now selectable on a tour by tour basis, but hidden by default. We still think freesale is very useful (especially for the basis of tailor-made tours) but tour departures should be used where they can be

* Now able to setup a single alternative tour (e.g. what you would suggest to a customer if their first choice wasn't available). Can continue to setup alternative tours using other methods, as before

Descriptions & Images

* Suitable for fields - e.g. suitable for families, suitable for student travel etc

* New image management capability - load large images. More about this soon

* Voucher redemption instructions field added - if you use vouchers


* Now able to setup automated supplier notification emails. This isn't the complete solution - they are currently sending in the language the customer initially booked in. We will support full supplier chosen language supplier notification emails shortly.

Thank you

The TourCMS team

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