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9th September 2011 - New release - Newly enhanced API and other tweaks

Plenty of smaller changes and some massive ones since the last release note:


General small tweaks

* Can now brand the TourCMS back office in your colours and in your name

* Able to add staff users with permission to view bookings restricted by website channel (rather than previously by product filter)

* Easier to delete customers/enquiries - including a new SPAM delete mechanism for undesirable enquiries

* Able to move multiple enquiries from one user to another in one go (handy if a member of staff leaves)

* New simplified method to add enquiry forms to your website - see the documentation - now easy to convert your existing contact us forms to using the TourCMS system....... including behind the scenes correct travel agent tracking

* Customer username (for customer login) now defaults to their email address

* Search by supplier - on booking advanced search

* Improved handling for Paypal when misconfigured - now easier to debug when not quite setup correctly.

* Fixed Payment Express integration so works with AMEX cards

* Improved uncancellation of hotel bookings where since the booking was cancelled a new hotel booking was received in the same room hence the former booking had to be moved rooms in order to uncancel

* Addressed a big issue with people being logged out in Firefox 5 (eek!)



This is where the main focus has been in the last few months

* Completely new API permissions setup - now we have 3 levels of permission - Seller, Affiliate and Agent. Much simpler than before.

* Many new API methods as detailed in the documentation. Developers can now access bookings, customer records, payments, update data etc etc.We will be announcing more about the API in due course.



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Comment by Brad Lowe on September 17, 2011 at 9:49am

Can you please provide details on the API to create new bookings?



Comment by Alex Bainbridge on September 19, 2011 at 11:11pm

Hi Brad

We are working on the final piece of the jigsaw - the live booking API. Phew, what a marathon!

Thanks. Alex


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