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April 2013 - Release note summary (last few months)

Team TourCMS has been busy making core system changes to. So busy that we have almost forgotten to write a release note for a few months saying what we have been upto!

At a very top level, the following functionality areas are new and/or vastly improved


Hotel pickups

Now able, on a tour by tour basis, set hotel pickup points. A much better approach than the previous, ad hoc, approach of using questions & answers. (Questions & answers were fine, on a company by company basis, but didn't deliver the capability to have the same functionality over all TourCMS accounts)

Still more work required on this functionality - including auto-notification of the correct bus driver - enabling last minute bookings to be handled complete with the appropriate hotel pickup.


Promo codes

Now about to set a discount code for a % based discount (to be automatically applied).

Still more work required on this functionality - including tour specific promo codes - however this new functionality is an improvement on the manual promo code process that people were running previously.



We are currently beta testing a new voucher production and redemption process. Give us a shout if you use vouchers as part of your regular business processes.



Many many changes! We now have data fields for route maps, for uploading PDF documents (e.g. for hotel pickup maps or airport transfer zones)...... BUT probably the most important change is the new data quality settings.


We really need tours that meet a certain high quality criteria - this means big images (at least 1500x1000) and have great tour descriptions. Over the system, about 4000 of the 7000 tours meet the high quality criteria. We are working on new business opportunities that will only be available to companies with higher quality tour descriptions & images so if you go to TourCMS Marketplace and see it says your descriptions can be improved, probably a good idea if you do!


(This is and additional level to the fields than are mandatory for a tour to appear in the API))



Plenty happening. As always, good discussion on various elements of these projects in the TourCMS forums


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