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July 2015 - A long time since the last update

Time to go back to our monthly schedule of public updates via this blog as the last one was a while back!

Overall status

  • We are now handling several thousand bookings a day and running at about 2.5 the volume that we were all trading at, this time last year.
  • Suppliers continue to join the system - in particular larger day tour ones with more complicated needs. We now have 12,500 tours fully described with images, descriptions, great availability. Wonderful job everyone!

Recent months developments

  • Continuing to work on the TourCMS API enhancing it not just for supplier websites but also new requirements for distribution and for CRM data syncronization needs. 101 small changes that you won't have noticed unless you were waiting for something
  • Combination tours - wanting to have a few tours on the same bus of a fixed capacity - and when one tour is booked, reduce the availability of the other tours on the same bus? We now do that.

Coming soon

  • Further announcements around tour distribution (specifically day tours). We have made a lot of progress on this recently and have some new booking generation partners to talk about soon. You can prepare for this by ensuing your tours are fully configured in TourCMS, with great images and short booking windows (so travel agents can send you last minute bookings)

Thank you everyone for your continued suppoprt

Team TourCMS

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Comment by Emile Breure on July 16, 2015 at 10:54am

Great to have the updates back up on a monthly basis. 
Keep up the good work and thanks for the long awaited combo tours!


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